valparaiso university master plan
valparaiso in
heart of campus
lutheran heritage
radial pathways
the chapel
a distinctive hierarchy
of spaces
community mentality

Valparaiso University is a private institution of higher learning distinguished by its Lutheran heritage of scholarship, freedom, and faith in a residential setting. The goal of the Master Plan is predicated on this heritage and seeks to create “Tomorrow’s Place for Extraordinary Learning.” The primary planning principle implemented in the design process was “Place Affects Mission,” which outlined the vital importance of the campus environment in developing a community mentality. The central element in providing a physical identity to the university campus is the 3,000 seat Chapel of the Resurrection. Located at the heart of the campus grounds, the Chapel collects a ring of academic buildings around it, forming the foundation of the campus. Open spaces radiate outward from the Chapel, creating a distinctive hierarchy of places for gathering, relaxation, contemplation and recreation. The Master Plan for the 400 acre campus encourages each component of university life to refer to the campus heart and to reinforce the importance of that heart within the physical layout of the campus.

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