medtronic campus master plan
minneapolis mn
academic village
exterior courtyards
clear entry
framed views
mission of education
and research

The planning strategies for the Medtronic Corporate Campus exemplify the company’s mission of education and research as the cornerstones for the company’s success. To this end the design employs the precedent of Jefferson’s Academic Village as a model for the master plan. The Corporate Center is located at the eastern end of the site, on axis with the quad system, allowing it to anchor the campus and define a clear entry image from all directions. The building placement creates three primary exterior courtyards, which are enclosed on the east, west, and north sides. This enclosure creates framed views and allows sunlight to enter the courtyards from the south. Each of these courtyards will be planted with a garden theme that is symbolic of one of the native Minnesota ecotypes - Prairie, Northern Hardwood Forest and Coniferous Forest.

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