gold medal park + guthrie theater
minneapolis mn
360° view
elevated bosque
modernist strolling garden
urban forest
a park for night
and day
dendritic pathways

2007 Design Merit Award
Presented by the American Society of Landscape Architects, Minnesota Chapter.

Gold Medal Park encompasses 7.5 acres in the heart of Minneapolis’ Mill District. Creating a “public place” of this breadth hearkens back to the intentions of the city founders and planners - those who had the foresight to set aside open space for the Chain of Lakes and the Grand Rounds - and as a result, created some of the most revered and enjoyable places in Minneapolis and the metropolitan region. The focal point of the park is a sculptural observation mound – 32 feet in height and 350 feet in diameter – with a bosque of Amur maple trees and custom bench seating at the apex. The view from this height allows a great prospect out over the Stone Arch Bridge and the Mississippi River. The park includes close to 300 mature trees, all hand-picked and between 6”-12” in diameter. The species include maples, lindens, hackberries, oaks, and catalpas. Twenty custom-designed, handcrafted benches will line the edges of the park, allowing places for respite and appreciating the borrowed view, or just having lunch. The benches will be lit from within with blue LED lights during the evening hours, adding a unique ephemeral quality to the park throughout the night.

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