target plaza at target field
minneapolis mn
the wave
mound planters
gold glove
visor canopies
tradition wall
topiary bats
a engaging urban plaza on game day...
and every other day of the year
green roof

2011 Design Honor Award
Presented by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

In collaboration with the stadium architects, HOK Sport, oslund.and.assoc. designed the pedestrian plazas and circulation spaces associated with the new $552 million dollar ballpark, including Target Plaza. This site is the new home to the Minnesota Twins baseball team. This project is technically difficult due to the small size of the site (7 acres) and the multitude of urban influences around the site. These influential factors include a new commuter rail line, new light rail station, the existing I-394 corridor (over which much of the ballpark and plaza were constructed), an existing railroad corridor along the western edge of the stadium, and a 30’ elevation change between the stadium and the surrounding infrastructure — conditions that place most of the external pedestrian spaces on structure. Green space has been carefully and creatively designed to work with the demands of placing plantings on structural decks. Care has been given to create memorable public gathering spaces that serve as active and engaging urban plazas on both game days — and every other day of the year.


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